Update: Housecleaning

I’ve cleaned up the site a little; I wasn’t using the stuff I had on here any more, and I think the site might actually be seeing -more- use in the near future; though time, of course, will tell.

The old stuff is underneath the button ‘old stuff’ (isn’t that appropriate) in the main nav-bar.

Kinzarr out.


I am Ruro, the friend of Kinzarr’s that I believe he has spoken of previously. He and I moderate the STALKER:2023 setting, and I, personally, have big plans for it.

Not really a whole lot else to say, except that I am glad to be here and glad to be working with Kinzarr on 2023, and probably much more in the future of the site.



Signing out.

RP setting and stuff!


So, I’ve been hanging with some very friendly folks over on IRC, lately, and engaging with them in roleplay too! It’s free form, a.k.a. fuck rules and stats mostly.

Me and fellow member Ruro have come up with a new setting, and for easy reading, I’ve posted the details up here.

Just click here.

Cheers, Tom


Welcome to my website!

As you can see, it’s rather bare-bones, minimalist (<= yay) and empty right now.
I plan to put up stuff related to my hobbies, mostly, so in the coming weeks/months/years you might see Minecraft related stuff, homebrew RPG rules, worlds and settings devised by yours truly, etcetera etcetera.

I do occasionally think; and so you might see me irregularly posting thoughts or theories, and other such nonsense.

At any rate! I’m a lazy bitch, so don’t expect actual content any time soon.
Okay? Thanks!