Odyssey City: Latest News

Recently, one of the old school STALKERS has made an announcement to
the public. What passes for the 'media' these days has spread his
statement far and wide in Odyssey City, most commonly in a form much
like the following example;
  "Stalkers! Citizens of Odyssey! Adventurers!", yelled a man
fully-clad in an old-style Stalker suit. "My name is Hound! I am
one of the veteran Stalkers from the old Zone! I have seen many
things, witnessed many deaths, killed many a man myself... and let
me tell you, the profit of it all is incredible! I am gathering
Stalkers and newbies alike who are interested in making a very nice,
clean profit!

 In the Zone exist things called artifacts which contain mysterious
powers. They are of great worth to all kinds of people, and all who
come on this expedition may keep their fair share to sell for
themselves! But these artifacts can only be found in the deeper
reaches of the Zone, a place no man dares go if he values his life.
There is no fee for coming with me, so long as you can bring your
own weapons, ammo, and food. So, who is interested, eh?!"
The man known as Hound has been widely reported to have
"S.T.A.L.K.E.R." branded on his left arm, a tattoo that
veterans give themselves to signify their status as 'old-timers',
lending credibility to his words. For anyone in regular contact with
Mercs or other shady types, he shouldn't be hard to find or contact,
and it is expected the quantity of hopefuls will be staggering.

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