Blackland is to be the epic reimagining of my, Ruro’s, original RP roots. Blackland tells the story of a desolate world, overtaken by a dark force from the deepest bowels of the planet. I’m going to refrain from giving any details about this force and the things associated with it until in-RP. This RP is meant to just be freeform. The heroes have no objective other than to survive and wander. Who knows what they might stumble upon? The ruins of the old world hold many secrets, horrors, and treasures never before discovered by the pioneers of the wastelands.

Project Blackland is to be handled by me, Dave and Justin of the MSFRP IRC, and also most likely Kinzarr.

Also, I present you with the Journal…

One thought on “Blackland

  1. Here are some details for the technology level.
    The highest kind of weaponry that exists, for melee, is metal blades. Steel, etc. Magic exists and can be used by generally anyone, but to varying extents from person to person. ‘Magical electricity’ was used in the larger cities to power mobile platforms and elevators, as well as lights and such, but is difficult to find unless you locate an in-tact conduit. Guns and gunpowder do not exist. Most buildings are made of stone, small villages are wooden and very rarely stone.
    As for races, -all- kinds can exist. Dwarves, elves, undead (malleable), whatever. It’s whatever you want it to be. Cities can be called whatever, built wherever, contain whatever. Create your own artifacts and such and quest for them. It is really whatever you would like to do with your story, and your characters.

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